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Methods to trick/rob/steal citizens

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Methods to trick/rob/steal citizens Empty Methods to trick/rob/steal citizens

Post by Grgo on Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:12 pm

I'm sorry for users who use english.Here's some methods to trick citzens on english.

1.There is question:Do you need money or items?
Look at the:shouts-search everyone and official shouts and if you see Q and other words like 1,2,sell,buy... then send the message to that user that you want to sell him house/weapon... for price he want.if you don't understand the shout but you saw Q in it,use google translator and add "detect language" or if you know which language it is,set it.When you got message from that citizen,try to make him donate first in conversation.Say words of trust,allies,...or you what you think is good.When you get him to donate first,wait until you see alert.Then check your profile.if you have money you wanted,then say "thank you,please wait so I can donate you gold,lol,pirate,thank you,see ya..." or just ignore his message.

*DON't USE CONTRACTS on forum.Contracts are much difficult.

This is one simple method for money.
The next tut. is for items.

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